About Us

Jameson Brown was founded by two friends, David and Ryan, who share a love for coffee. We began by roasting at home for family and friends. We opened the doors of Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters in April of 2006 with the goal of sharing the experience of a smooth, rich, full-bodied cup of freshly roasted coffee with you. We believe that carefully roasting small batches on-site allows us to bring you the richest and most flavorful coffee. We are committed to providing the highest quality in all of our coffee and coffee drinks.

Our Roasting Philosophy

We strive to achieve the following cup qualities:

  1. Body: the coffee should have the weight of skim milk. Similar to the feeling of coffee with cream added.
  2. Sweetness: this means no taints or faults. The term bitterness can be too subjective and may be a result of over-extraction in the brew process. Often people use bitterness to mean strong, dark, or earthy. In particular, sweetness means not scorched of baked (sour).
  3. Lingering flavor: you should experience taste at the front, middle and back of the tongue. Also, this means a pleasant aftertaste and complex, developing flavors. I sometimes think of the word “chewy”.

It’s difficult to get all three qualities at the same time in a single batch. There should be just enough heat to caramelize the sugars (sweetness); not too much heat and fresh air flow to keep the oils from drying out (body); and we need to get out of the way just as the beans reach the top of the hill (exothermic transition) to preserve the good chemicals (lingering flavor).

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