Our Coffees

Our stock of coffees is constantly changing based upon what is seasonally available as well as which coffees we think really stand out and offer an excellent cup.


  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe washed
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe unwashed
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Washed
  • Rwanda Ruli Mountain
  • Zimbabwe AA+ Estate Salimba
  • Tanzania Peaberry Kilamanjaro


  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Sumatra Super Peaberry
  • Sumatra Blue Batak

Decaf Offerings

All of our decaf coffees are water-process

  • Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Decaf Organic Mexico
  • Decaf Guatemala Caturra

Central American

  • El Salvador San Francisco Natural Process
  • El Salvador Honey Pacamara Finca El Carmen
  • El Salvador Honey Bourbon Finca Casas De Làmina
  • Costa Rica SHB EP
  • Guatemala Antigua Hunapu
  • Guatemala Antigua La Soledad Finca El Platanar
  • Honduras Marcala Grower’s First*
  • Mexico Oaxaca Grower’s First*

South American

  • Colombia Condor Nariño Buesaco
  • Brazil Bob-O-Link
  • Brazil Sao Francisco

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